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One of the most exciting things about starting high school is the chance to make new friends.  Sometimes it’s a struggle to speak to people you don’t know and some people find meeting new people scary.

Here are some ideas to help you to start making new friends -


Use conversation starters to get chatting

For example, you can ask which primary school the person went to or which teacher they have for French


Spend time with your friend’s friends

This is a good way to meet new people and is less awkward if someone else introduces you


Speak to someone who is on their own

It’s easier to approach someone who is on their own and it also helps them too as they might feel the same as you


Look for common interests

This won't make you best friends but may help to start conversations


Be approachable

It’s easier to talk to someone if they look like they are open to speaking.  Wearing earphones or having a hood up can come across as negative body language and make people less likely to speak to you





Trust and Respect,