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Try and make a good first impression when you arrive at the High School.  Ways to make a good first impression include: 


  • Saying hello, thank you and please
  • Holding doors for staff and pupils
  • Wearing the correct uniform
  • Being prepared with all your materials
  • Remember the school rules
  • Smile


If you have any problems, please let us know and speak to us.  Your Pupil Care and Support Teacher is the best person to speak to first.


Helpful Tips -

  • Check your timetable and pack your bag the night before
  • At home, keep all your school stuff in the one place
  • You could put a copy of your timetable on your wall or somewhere you can check it easily
  • Make sure your Chromebook is fully charged before you come to school


Break and Lunch -

During break time you must stay in the school or in the school grounds.  You can purchase food from Madison’s cafe or the school canteen.  Break lasts 15 mins and you also need to use this time to go to the toilets too.

At lunchtime you need to stay in the school or school grounds for the first term.   Lunch lasts 50mins.  You can bring a packed lunch, buy lunch at Madisons Cafe or the school canteen which offers a range of hot and cold food.  

After the October holidays you’ll be allowed to use the shops in the town for lunch, but you must make sure you return to school on time.


Clubs -

There are lots of different clubs at the High School which we would encourage you to take part in and join.  The PE department has lots of clubs with different sports such as badminton, rock climbing, football etc.  There are also other clubs across the school such as Lego club, Polish for beginners, wood turning and more.

More details about our clubs will be shared with you when you start school.


School Staff -

At primary school you probably only had a few teachers you worked with on a weekly basis.  When you come to High School, you’ll have lots of different teachers you’ll work with each week, maybe as many as 15! 

Not only this but there are lots of other staff who work in the school and you’ll see regularly these include:


  • School and Pupil Support Assistants (SPSAs)
  • School librarians
  • School Technicians
  • Resource workers
  • Community Learning and Development staff
  • College lecturers
  • Office staff
  • Janitors
  • Kitchen staff

Brechin High School is a busy place with lots of people working hard to make it a great place to be.





Trust and Respect,