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Responsibilities of the Senior Leadership Team

Allocation of Responsibilities to members of the Senior Leadership Team. 

General Responsibilities

All Members of the Senior Leadership Team should be aware of the vision, values and aims of the school and take whatever action is appropriate to develop in young people, members of staff and parents an appreciation of what these are and what they set out to achieve.

Our vision is that Brechin High School is:

Recognised as a centre for excellence in learning and wellbeing

where only the best is good enough.

Our aim is to create and foster a respect for learning.

The values of Brechin High School are;




     Trust & respect


All members of the Senior Leadership Team are required to have a thorough understanding of the day-to-day administration of the school and an appreciation of all statements of school policy.  This ensures that the Members of Senior Leadership Team are expected to be co-operative and to support one another in fulfilling their various functions.  Although specific duties are allocated to individuals all members may become involved in carrying out a particular task.

More particularly the role of a member of the Senior Leadership Team is to:-

  • Ensure maintenance of high standards and  a commitment to raising attainment for all learners
  • Support the values and ethos of the school
  • Encourage the development of the school
  • Encourage appropriate innovation
  • Ensure the smooth running of the school
  • Evaluate the school’s effectiveness
  • Support the development of cited local and national priorities
  • Develop the capacity of professional colleagues
  • Show commitment to the well-being and development of all learners
  • Adopt a high profile in the life of the school and engage positively with young people   

Below are listed the main areas of specific responsibilities for individual team members.


Strategic leadership:   

Determination of the vision, values and aims of the school

Determination of the ethos of the school  

Overall responsibility for the rationale and structure and evaluation of the curriculum

Overall lead role for raising standards and quality improvement 

Overall responsibility for the welfare of staff and young people 

Development of leadership at all levels across the school

Overall responsibility for Child Protection Procedures

Lead role in establishing appropriate learning pathways and curricular transitions

Management and administration:  

Appointment of staff

Implementation of all school policies

Standards and Quality reporting and school improvement plan

Management of all devolved budgets


Quality improvement:

Lead role in analysing school performance against the 3 HGIOS categories

Lead for QI’s 1.1, 1.3, 2.2 and 3.2 

Lead for NIF drivers School Improvement and School Leadership

Pupil Welfare:

High profile engagement with all groups of learners and staff

Working with parents and partners:

Parent Council, Cluster Schools, Angus Council People Directorate, Elected Members

Engagement with committees/working-groups:

TNCG, Staff Voice, Regional Improvement Collaborative, Quality Improvement Strategy Group, Planning Strategy Group, Global Partnerships Strategy Group



Strategic leadership:   

Lead role in improving approaches to learning, teaching and assessment

Responsibility for developing Health & Wellbeing for all as a cross-cutting theme

Responsibility for developing Literacy as cross-cutting theme

Responsibility for developing universal support

Responsibility for developing a Relationship policy

Management and administration:  

Cluster schools: developing learning

Teacher Regent 

Prize giving

Enrolments S1 & S3

Quality improvement:

Lead for QI’s 1.2, 2.3, 2.4

Lead for NIF driver Teacher Professionalism

Pupil Welfare:

S1 and S3 (Dun, Farnell, Menmuir)

Curricular links:


Expressive Arts

Language & Communication

Acting PT Raising Achievement


Working with parents and partners:

Challenging Learning, Brechin Matters, Brechin Health Care Group

Engagement with committees/working-groups:

HWB Strategy Group, Learning and Teaching Strategy Group, TNCG, Brechin Cluster PEF Team.



Strategic leadership:   

Lead role in establishing appropriate learning pathways and curricular transitions

Coordination of approaches to support inclusion and equity

Responsibility for developing digital learning

Management and administration:  

Cluster schools: pastoral transition


Tracking, monitoring and reporting

School calendar

Enrolments S2 & S6

Quality improvement:

Lead for QI’s 2.1, 3.1 and 3.2

Lead for NIF driver Performance Information

Pupil Welfare

S2 and S6 (Dun, Farnell, Menmuir)


Curricular Links

Additional Support Needs

Pupil Care & Support

Social Subjects

Working with parents and partners:

Dundee & Angus College, LAT, Social Work, Panbride, EPS, CLD, ASN Parent Forum.

Engagement with committees/working-groups

Tracking & Monitoring Strategy Group, Digital Strategy Group.




Strategic leadership:   

Lead role in producing and implementing a long-term strategy for engaging parents in young people’s learning

Coordination of the Developing the Young Workforce programme

Responsibility for developing Numeracy as cross-cutting theme

Lead role for raising and recognising wider achievement

Lead role for SQA wider achievement 

Management and administration:  

SQA Coordinator


Cluster schools: DYW/Parental Engagement

Scholar and Solar

Quality improvement:

Lead for QI’s 2.5, 2.7, 3.3

Lead for NIF driver Parental Engagement

Pupil Welfare:

S4-5 (Dun, Farnell, Menmuir)

Curricular links:


Business, Computing Studies and Technical Education

Health Improvement

Working with parents and partners:

Local businesses and employers

Engagement with committees/working-groups:

Parental Engagement Strategy Group, DYW strategy group, Recognising Achievement Strategy Group



Strategic leadership:  

Leadership of technical, janitorial and administrative staff

Leadership of support arrangements to ensure the smooth running of the school

Responsibility for MIS system development to support the effective work of the school

Liaison with DHT to establish a strategic approach to use of ICT to support learning

Ensuring application of health and safety requirements   

Management and administration:


Responsibility for SEEMIS, SEED and Angus Council returns

Arrangements for Oracle, staffing and budget returns

Health & Safety

School Calendar

Support for school effectiveness:

Facilities/ building management including repairs

Monitoring of school budgets

Liaison with DHT to ensure cover for staff absence

Provision of administrative support for SQA requirements

Management of programme of school photographs

Administrative support for parents’ evenings

Health and Safety:

Implementation of Health and Safety policy

Arrangements for first-aid provision

Responsibility for risk assessment and health and safety process to support school trips, excursions and events

Responsibility for allocation of school accommodation and all lets

Overseeing of arrangements for school emergencies and evacuation procedures

Quality Improvement:

Lead for QI 1.5

Support via provision of data for other QIs

Working with partners:

Coordination of Janitorial team

Liaison with all transport providers

Engagement with committees/working-groups:

Campus Operational Group 





Trust and Respect,