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Staff List

A list of our current staff -

Mrs Alexander SPSA
Mrs Arslanturk SPSA
Mr Bathgate SMT
Mrs Black Science
Ms Bruce Modern Apprentice
Mr Caney SPSA
Ms Chalmers Science
Mrs Cheyne SPSA
Mrs Christie SFL
Mr Christie Technical
Mrs Clarke Science
Mr Coates Social Subjects
Mr Colhoun Active Schools
Mr Colquhoun English
Mrs Cormack SMT
Mrs Cormack Languages
Mr Craig Maths
Mr Dargie Social Subjects
Mrs Davidson Family Support Worker
Mrs Dymek Maths
Ms Eadie Languages
Mr Farquharson Technical
Mr Findlay Technician
Mrs Forsyth Resource Worker
Mrs Gilmour Expressive Arts
Mrs Govan Social Subjects
Mr Graham Snr Technician
Ms Grieve Biology
Mrs Hamilton Clerical Officer
Ms Henry Instrumental Instructors
Mr Hutcheson English
Mrs Hutton School Business Manager
Ms Irving Health Imp.
Mrs Jackson Expressive Arts
Ms Johnston Expressive Arts
Mrs Johnstone H.E.





Instrumental Instructors

Music Student

Mrs Judge Instrumental Instructors
Mr Judge Instrumental Instructors
Mr Kelly Social Subjects
Mrs Kiddie English
Mr Kingsmill SFL
Mr Kingston Maths
Mrs Laurie SMT
Ms Lloyd- Perry Languages
Mr Lockhart Science
Ms Luong Languages
Mrs Lynch Expressive Arts
Mrs Mackie PCS
Ms Marshall Expressive Arts
Mr Martin Technician
Mr Mather Maths
Mr Mawhirt SMT
Mrs McCombie SPSA
Ms McGlynn PE Student
Mrs McKenna English
Ms McLaggan HE
Mrs McLaren PCS
Ms Murray Science
Ms Nicol English
Ms Reid Career Adviser
Mr Ritchie Science
Mrs Robb SFL
Mr Robertson PE
Mrs Sanderson Business Studies
Mrs Shand Health Imp.
Mr Shepherd Health Imp.
Mr Smith Technologies
Ms Stewart Librarian
Mrs Symon SFL
Mr Tait Computing
Ms Tennant Languages
Ms Thomson Admin Assistant
Ms Timmons PE
Mr Todd PT Maths
Mr Urquhart Maths
Mr Vernon Health Imp.
Mrs Welsh Career Adviser
Ms Westland SPSA
Ms Whitton SPSA
Mrs Wilson SMT





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