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I don’t feel well

Tell your teacher, and ask to go to the reception for the sick bay.  Go to reception and ask the office person that you would like to go to the sick bay.  They will help you.

If you feel unwell at break or lunchtime go straight to reception and ask the office person you would like to go to the sick bay.

I’m late

If you are late for period 1, you must sign in at reception then go straight to class.

If you are late at any other time of day you must go straight to class and your teacher may ask you to explain why.  If you are late because of your own fault you might be given a detention by the class teacher

I am being bullied

Brechin High School has an anti-bullying policy.  We can only help if we know about the situation, therefore you must tell someone.  The best person to tell is your Pupil Care and Support Teacher, but if you feel you can’t tell them then please tell a friend or another adult who can get help for you.

How should I enter a classroom?

Different teachers have different rules, and it also depends on the classroom whether it is a workshop or an English classroom for example.  Follow the instructions of the class teacher.  

You must all however enter quietly and calmly.

Take off any outdoor clothing which may include a hoodie.  

Make sure you have all the equipment you need for that lesson on your desk.






Trust and Respect,